The Kootenay-wide electric vehicle network was inspired by the vision of the Highway 3 Mayors’ and Chairs’ Coalition. The Coalition identified the opportunity to enhance tourism opportunities by pursuing an electric vehicle charging route along Highway 3. This idea came to fruition through an unprecedented collaboration, the partners of which are identified below.

Regional District of East Kootenay

  • $30,000 seed and implementation funding
  • Key connectivity along Highway 3 and up Highway 95 to Golden

Regional District of Central Kootenay

  • $30,000 seed and implementation funding
  • Destination communities and connectivity to Revelstoke for tourism

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary

  • $30,000 seed and implementation funding
  • Gateway to the Okanagan

Columbia Basin Trust

  • $600,000 core implementation funding
  • Implementation support for a collaborative regional strategy
  • Funding is in response to the request of Regional Districts and communities to support the network across the region

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

  • $350,000 core implementation funding
  • Supporting the project as a demonstration with replicability in rural regions across Canada

Province of BC, Ministry of Energy and Mines

  • $300,000 Level 2, marketing & communications, DC Fast Charging funding
  • Supporting Kootenay Boundary & Central Kootenay DC Fast Charging locations
  • Expansion of emotiveBC campaign to reflect rural & tourism EV drivers


  • $10,000 seed funding and $180,000 DC Fast Charging and Level 2 funding for service area sites
  • Technical support in electrical design and system upgrades and DCFC ownership in service area


  • Core funding for Kootenay-wide infrastructure deployment.

BC Hydro

  • Ownership and operations of DC Fast Charging stations
  • Technical support in electrical design and system upgrades 


Powertech Labs

  • Providing technical expertise for site design and procurement of equipment & installation within BC Hydro service area.

Community Energy Association

  • accelerate Kootenays strategy development and project implementation