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Accelerate Kootenays is Canada's first community-driven, collaborative strategy to build a clean transportation network. The 2-year, $1.5 million project was an initiative of the Regional Districts of East Kootenay, Central Kootenay and Kootenay Boundary with support from Columbia Basin Trust, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Teck, the Province of BC, FortisBC, and BC Hydro. The project, facilitated by the Community Energy Association, created an electric vehicle (EV) charging station network so EV travel to and within the region is convenient and reliable. A detailed description of project partners can be found here.

*NEW* Accelerate Kootenays 2.0 Funding

Building on the success of Accelerate Kootenays in 2018, Accelerate Kootenays 2.0 will strengthen the charging network with 8 additional Level 3 Fast Chargers and 90 Level 2 chargers!

This program invites private businesses, public organizations, non-profits, and local governments to install EV charging stations at their locations. And Accelerate Kootenays will match half the cost!

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Enhance Kootenay Tourism

Charging stations strategically located near shops, attractions, cafés, and restaurants will showcase Kootenay communities and offer visitors many convenient ways to enjoy an area.

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Connect Kootenay communities

With 13 Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Stations being installed on Highways 1, 3, and 95, travel to and within the Kootenays will be convenient and reliable.

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Leave more money in your wallet

Filling your car with electricity instead of gas can save you more than $1,200 a year…but that doesn’t even include savings on maintenance. Say goodbye to oil changes!

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Make dear mother nature happy

Breathe deep! More electric vehicles on Kootenay roads means less emissions from vehicle travel, helping our region meet climate action goals. 

Charging Station Map

40 Communities | 13 DCFC’s | 40 Level 2’s
1,870kms connected electric vehicle travel

The accelerate Kootenays charging network is a robust system that laid the foundation for connected, reliable travel to and within the Kootenay region. To learn about the charging station types and the modeling used to create the network, visit the History of Accelerate.

= DC Fast Charging (DCFC)      = Level 2 (L2)

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*Note: this map represents just the Accelerate Kootenays network and is not meant to be used as a travel planning tool. To plan EV travel, we suggest www.plugshare.com

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Need more information about EVs? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page and the history of accelerate Kootenays. The following sites are a must to explore, too!

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