Funding to Install Electric Vehicle Chargers in the Kootenays!

Building on the success of Accelerate Kootenays in 2018, Accelerate Kootenays 2.0 will strengthen the charging network with 8 additional Level 3 Fast Chargers and 90 Level 2 chargers!

This program invites private businesses, public organizations, non-profits, and local governments to install EV charging stations at their locations. And Accelerate Kootenays will match half the cost!  Above the incentives offered by Accelerate Kootenays, funding from the province of BC can contribute an additional 25%. 

Being a part of the EV charging network allows the region, and your business, to benefit from the accelerating EV adoption by residents and tourists.  

Program Purpose

The Accelerate Kootenays 2.0 funding program is intended to diversify the places and spaces where EV drivers can conveniently access charging.  As part of the Kootenay Clean Energy Transition, this funding program will fill in gaps in our region, improve connectivity and further energize travel to and within the Kootenays. 

Program Details

Funding through this program is provided as a reimbursement.

Up to 50% of costs: 

  • $5,000 per level 2 installed 
  • $15,000 per 20 kW – 49 kW Fast Charger installed 
  • $50,000 per 50 kW – 100 kW DC Fast Charger installed 

*The maximum disbursement per ultimate recipient is $100,000. For example, a maximum of 2 DC Fast Chargers, or 20 Level 2. 

Applicants are welcome to leverage additional funding from PlugInBC’s Public Charger Program,  estimated to cover an additional 25% of installation costs. 

Intake is continuous until all available AK 2.0 chargers have been claimed.  

Funding Eligibility

This program is open to private businesses as well as public and non-profit organizations, local governments and Indigenous local governments. Charging stations must be accessible to the public 24/7.

I Have Questions!

Don’t get intimidated by the details. We want to lower the barriers for installation of EV charging stations in our region.