Christina Lake EV Tourism

One of the best things about this job is that I get to become a tourist in the region where I live. Since I’m often attending big annual festivals, I’m able to meet people deeply invested in their towns; I’m able to witness community-collaboration, celebration, even controversy; I’m briefly a part of a slightly different culture. This is not entirely dissimilar from the general experience of EV tourism, which offers the opportunity for deeper immersion into a sense of regional community simply by stopping, staying, and exploring rural towns that would otherwise be over-looked.

All this to say: I went to Christina Lake for their Homecoming Summerfest a couple of weeks ago, and I had such a great time that I’ve got to tell everyone.

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Fernie Super 8 Charges Up Tourists

Level 2 Charger at Fernie Super 8
Fernie Super 8 owners Jeremiah and Marina
Owners of the Fernie Super 8, Jeremiah and Marina Pauw

It’s safe to say that the city of Fernie has a little something for every traveler – mountains, rivers, spas, food, cafes. Well, unless you’re driving an electric car, and then the city looks a bit barren. If a visitor driving and EV wanted to stay in Fernie for a long weekend or a few weeks, they would have to plan for their car to sit at City Hall to get some juice. This isn’t the friendliest landscape for encouraging visits, and with over 20,000 EVs in BC and several thousand in Alberta and Montana, EV tourism is quickly becoming a real opportunity for communities and businesses.

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